paintings for sale

With a view to help fund a modest exhibition catalogue to commemorate Katja’s life and artwork, paintings from her 2001 Earth Odyssey series were sold. Works from this series are still for sale and the proceeds go towards establishing an undergraduate scholarship in Fine Arts in Katja’s name.

Price: $227.90 CAN (including taxes)
Dimensions: 10” x 12”
Medium: acrylic painting on stretched canvas

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please email Sara Morley (514-270-3555), indicating the number and title of the work you desire (rollover thumbnail to see the title or click to view larger image). We will update the website regularly, indicating which paintings have been sold. Please note that a tax receipt will not be issued.

Works can be collected at Design Postimage, by arrangement with Sara Morley.
Shipping can be arranged at the purchaser’s expense.